Now available in the store: 10 print resolution (11×17, 600DPI) Character Design Templates for Clip Studio Paint (Pro or EX).

The “character design template for clip studio paint” file package is made up of 10 printable (600dpi) template files for digital comic book artists of all skill levels.

These templates allow artists to focus on creating character design artwork, instead of spending time on designing templates.

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This is a process video clip showing a detail of a drawing of Big Barda, a DC character.

She is at the mountain-top entrance of a rather unfortunate evil genius’s lair. The wind is blowing, she’s angry and her Mega Rod is ready for action.

The bad weather is an added touch to echo Barda’s current mood.

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This is a short process video clip of a space suit option for Mia, the lead character in Heavy Space, a webcomic.

This suit has three layers to it. The suit layer shown here is the middle layer. This would be used for environments that require a closed atmosphere for the wearer, but do not require great amounts of radiation shielding, or protection from extreme temperatures.

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