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New Product: Comic Book Page Template for Clip Studio Paint – General size

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Now available on the store: 5 print resolution comic book templates for Clip Studio Paint (Formerly known as Manga Studio 5)

These Print resolution (600DPI) page templates are intended for digital artists working on artwork for a pitch, students creating an artwork portfolio to take to comic conventions, and Hobbyists who are creating a comic for their own enjoyment, but want to ensure that the pages will be printable when they are ready to publish their comic book.

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Here’s what’s included in this package of page templates.

  • 1 single page template – Cover
  • 1 single page template – Story Page
  • 1 double page template – Cover
  • 1 double page template – Story Page
  • 1 thumbnail page template – includes thumbnails for single and double pages

Technical Requirements

You need to have one of the following items to be able to use this package of comic book page templates.

  • Clip Studio Paint EX (V1.5.4 or later): Reccomended.
  • Clip Studio Paint Pro (V1.5.4 or later): Clip Studio Paint Pro will work with these template files, but with the following limitations: Clip studio Paint Pro will open the individual Clip Studio Paint files (.clip), but it is missing the page management feature found in Clip Studio Paint EX. The Page management file in the template package (.cmc) can not be opened by Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Please Note: These template files will NOT work with any version of Manga Studio

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about all of the features included in this package of comic book page templates.

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