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New Product – Free Character Design Template for Manga Studio 5

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I’ve posted a Free Character design template for Manga Studio (and Clip Studio Paint) to my online store.

The template is for digital artists using Manga Studio 5, or Clip Studio Paint, and it’s free…mostly. The template is free if you share the product on twitter or FaceBook via this link:

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This is the basic version of the template, so it’s features are limited. The key items are as follows:

  • 11″ x17″
  • 600DPI
  • One size scale is included: 1:12 (1 inch = 1 foot)

Learn more about the template here.

Oh yeah, I’m working on a full featured character design template package that will include things like multiple scale options, single and double pages, a grid of multiple scales for interior layout design, PSD, 600DPI and 450DPI versions. Not sure when it will be ready, but it’s on the way.

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