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This bundle of 154 Brushes (+ 9 tool Presets) includes ALL of the Brushes for Clip Studio Paint available on my store.

Get the Brushes Here.

See examples images of the brushes here.

Lifetime Updates

  • Owners who purchased this bundle will receive a link to the updated brushes via email at no additional cost.
  • When a new Brush or Brush Set for Clip Studio Paint is added to the store, it will automatically be added to this Bundle.
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The first sticker set is called “Space Ladies Series One”.

About the Set
These are vinyl stickers that can be placed just about anywhere.

These are just some random women in futuristic space worthy attire. Do they have names? Of course!

  • Halley – Named after a comet that visits Earth every 75 years
  • Elara – Named after a Moon of Jupiter
  • Calli – Short for Callisto, a moon of Jupiter
  • Nova – Named after an Exploding white dwarf star
  • Lyra – Named after a constellation in the northern sky
  • Luna – Named after Earth’s moon

View on the Store

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New coloring book pages in PDF format are now being posted to the Silver Tier on Patreon three times per week.

Here’s an example of what the coloring book pages look like. Download this page for Free.

The coloring book pages are formatted for desktop printers using letter sized paper (8.5″ x 11″), and can be printed as many times as you like. Try all of the coloring schemes you can imagine!

As well as access to new coloring pages as they are created, Silver Tier  subscribers will have access to a PDF eBook when 15 new coloring book pages have been completed. This printable PDF coloring book will also be posted to the store for non-patron subscribers to purchase.

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Why do you Need to Prepare Artwork for Coloring?

Preparing the image allows you to apply colors behind the line art, and have the option to color the line art using color holds.

In this article are two methods of preparing artwork for coloring. Essentially if you want to use color holds, implement Method 2, if you do not want to use color holds, implement method 1.

Method 1 is a quick and basic approach suitable for instances where you will not be coloring the lines using color holds.

Method 2 is a more complex approach that results in artwork with a transparent background and the line art has been prepared for color holds. This method requires the use of a photoshop action that is available for free when you sign up for my mailing list here:

Sign Up to the Mailing List and Get a Free Photoshop action that prepares comic book artwork for coloring!

Which Method do I use?I always use Method 2 because it allows for the possibility of coloring the lines with color holds.

Even if I don’t intend to color the lines, I like to have the option available if a situation arises where applying color holds is the best solution.

Continue reading for the step by step tutorial instructions included in Method 1 and Method 2.

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Rating and Conclusion

9.5/10 – I use Pure Ref for almost every drawing I do and It’s an integral part of my process.


What is Pure Ref?

Pure Ref is a Mac/PC image organizer aimed at artists who would like to make better use of their image reference collection in an minimally frictionless way.

Why is it Needed?

I often require multiple image references to be easily available, and before PureRef, I would assemble images for a new project in an image reference folder, then opening and viewing individual images. This method of searching the image folder, opening the file and resizing it so it has a place on my desktop adds just enough friction to the creative process to be an unwanted distraction.

With PureRef, all of my image reference is in one easy to navigate infinite canvas. This makes viewing image reference as frictionless as possible by scrolling the canvas in any direction fo find an image, and zooming into an image once you found the image you’re looking for.

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Now available in the store: 10 print resolution (11×17, 600DPI) Character Design Templates for Clip Studio Paint (Pro or EX).

The “character design template for clip studio paint” file package is made up of 10 printable (600dpi) template files for digital comic book artists of all skill levels.

These templates allow artists to focus on creating character design artwork, instead of spending time on designing templates.

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This is a process video clip showing a detail of a drawing of Big Barda, a DC character.

She is at the mountain-top entrance of a rather unfortunate evil genius’s lair. The wind is blowing, she’s angry and her Mega Rod is ready for action.

The bad weather is an added touch to echo Barda’s current mood.

A video posted by Neil Collyer (@neilcollyer) on

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This is a short process video clip of a space suit option for Mia, the lead character in Heavy Space, a webcomic.

This suit has three layers to it. The suit layer shown here is the middle layer. This would be used for environments that require a closed atmosphere for the wearer, but do not require great amounts of radiation shielding, or protection from extreme temperatures.

A video posted by Neil Collyer (@neilcollyer) on

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Now available on the store: 5 print resolution comic book templates for Clip Studio Paint (Formerly known as Manga Studio 5)

These Print resolution (600DPI) page templates are intended for digital artists working on artwork for a pitch, students creating an artwork portfolio to take to comic conventions, and Hobbyists who are creating a comic for their own enjoyment, but want to ensure that the pages will be printable when they are ready to publish their comic book.

Buy now

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I’ve posted a Free Character design template for Manga Studio (and Clip Studio Paint) to my online store.

The template is for digital artists using Manga Studio 5, or Clip Studio Paint, and it’s free…mostly. The template is free if you share the product on twitter or FaceBook via this link:

Buy now

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I use reference images for just about everything that I draw. Mainly I use reference for things that require specific details, like anatomy, cars, buildings, fashion etc..

I have used a lot of different resources for image reference, and this list of websites and apps are the ones I use most often. By no means is this list comprehensive, but it’s a great place to start.

*** Updated May 15 2018  – Added: Image Management Recommendations ***

Note: I do not recommend tracing image reference for your artwork. Image reference should augment your ability as an artist, not replace it.

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